Image: Inma :) via flickr

Image: Inma 🙂 via flickr

I don’t know where I’ve been, but I’m back.

Weeks 24-27 & number 28 today. They came & went. One just blends into another these days, so I guess I can just let them go without saying much more.

The 6 month mark didn’t pass by as easily. The day was blah. Tears were shed. I finally realized I do most of my crying while driving. Sunglasses help to keep the other drivers from wondering what the hell is wrong. I’ve been able to drive through it; only once in the last 6 months have I had to pull over. Anyways, I’ll get around to writing a post for that day. But for now, I survived it. I guess that’s the important part. The main observation to come out of it was how quickly & how slowly time has passed. And now I get to look forward to 1-year. Fuck.

On the writing front, things have gone really well. I took another writing class this past quarter (just finished last week). As I wrote in my last post, I got incredibly good feedback from my instructor. The positive feedback started with my editing skills and then extended into really great comments on my writing & my novel. The course focused on writing & rewriting the 1st 50-pages of your novel. So, I really feel like I came out of it with a good start, with material that should carry me forward. I had my weaknesses pointed out & spent the course addressing them. I feel like I know how to overcome them now which is great.

Towards the end of the course I got a personal email from my instructor saying:

You’re writing and critiquing at such a high level it would be my pleasure to write you a recommendation.

That just made my day, my week, my month. I’m not an insecure person, but when it comes to my writing, I’m still at the beginning stages and I need to know I’m doing things right. The other great thing about his comment was that it really got me thinking about what I love to do. Yes, writing would be one of those things. The other would be critiquing. Specifically, I like working on works-in-progress. I like giving feedback on what’s working & what’s not. I’m extremely detail orientated, so I will notice inconsistencies that others might miss. Yes, I will point out flaws; but I do it because I’d rather someone know what’s wrong so they can work to address it & make it better. So, this got me thinking about career options. I’ve been in a bit of a career transition for the last 5 years. It has all been about finding what I truly enjoy doing & being happy. I need something that blends my love of writing, editing/critiquing, & reading. So, I realized I would have loved to do something like manuscript editing. Now, I’m doing some research & some thinking. I think I might be onto something.

The plan for April is to get another 50-pages of draft #2 & to revise those pages in the process. I want to revise, to a certain extent, as I go forward because I want to know I’m moving forward with a good foundation. When I finally write The End on this draft, I know I’m going to have to go back & revise & edit, but I’m hoping it won’t be as gruelling. Who knows. But this is the way I want to move forward.

So, that’s where I am. Grieving is grieving. It is what it is. Writing is going well. Oh, & the dogs are great. Leo is about 1/2 way through chemo & all is pretty well. One little complication, but nothing major. I’ll do a separate post on that soon. Teddy is great. Fully recovered from surgery & back to his normal grumpy self.

I’m back & so is this blog.