Ok, just realized it’s been over 2  months since I’ve posted here. Eeks!!

How time flies!!!

Well, the biggest distraction keeping me from posting on a more regular basis is my new job. In February, in a whirlwind chain of events, I was offered & accepted an associate editor job at a magazine. This position has been the one I’ve been hoping for for sometime, & all of a sudden, on the day I decided I was officially tired of the freelance life & really wanted a full-time job with wonderful things like benefits, it magically appeared. I’d been looking for months for this exact position, & there was never anything quite right. But, there it was on one of the job boards that morning, & 8 days later it was mine.

So, I’ve been settling into the full-time office job lifestyle again after a 6-year hiatus. It’s been a bit of an adjustment. Yes, I miss the ability to set my own schedule & work in my PJs, but I have to admit that I’m loving this job & really enjoying the people I work with. Do I want to stay in the office world for the rest of my working career? Umm, no. I know, eventually, I do want to go back to working from home & for myself, but for now, this is a good fit for where I’m at, & it lets me get more experience that could help me have a more stable freelance life down the road.

This new work schedule has significantly cut into my writing time, which has been a bit frustrating. On Wednesday I wrap up another novel writing class. More progress was made this quarter on my novel-in-progress, but not as much as I would have liked given my lack of free-time, or rather I should say my lack of more free-time then I ever knew what to do with. But, next week, I start my next class. This class is for those who are at the halfway point or further in their manuscripts. I’m there in theory, but I really want to revise a couple earlier sections & also be a bit further than I am before the class starts next week. So, much to do over the coming week. But I will say, the last couple weeks & the last critique I got on my pages have been incredibly enlightening. One of my main characters that has til now remained a bit vague is starting to fill out in my head. I’m starting to understand things about him that I didn’t before, & it couldn’t come at a better time. He’s been a major hang up as I’ve moved forward. I’ve known I’d need to go back & rework him. Having a better idea of what I need to do now, rather than later, is a relief. It’s not all there yet. I’m still trying to figure his motivations out, but I have a bit more insight on them now.

So, my focus now is on balancing a writing life with a working life. I’m on a computer all day either writing/editing. It’s been hard to come home at the end of the day & get in front of the computer again for another couple hours to work on my own writing, but it’s gotta happen. So, slowly, I’m finding my way in this new phase of my life.

This novel will get done.

Oh, one other thing, I’ve finally gotten back in a fiction reading groove. I don’t know what has been up for the last 6-9 months, but during that time I’ve only been able to get through nonfiction books. This has been incredibly frustrating since I love fiction, but it’s just where I’ve been. Thankfully, this past week I went on a book buying binge & picked up some promising fiction, including:

The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball (Started it this weekend, & so far loving it. Complex & surreal, with great writing. If you like traditional fiction with a beginning, middle, & an end, you probably won’t like this; but if you love original writing & a completely playful framing device, you’ll appreciate it. I like the untraditional, so this works for me.)

Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa (I’m constantly looking for books written in 1st person POV as I write my own 1st person POV novel. I need to read how other people do it. I need to see what works & what doesn’t. Plus, I tend to like books translated into English. There’s usually a sparseness to the language that appeals to me. Thus, why this one was picked up this weekend.)

Broken Glass Park by Alina Bronsky (Another 1st person POV, translated book that looked interesting in the bookstore.)

A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents by Liza Palmer (Planning to attend an event she’s doing next week, so wanted to check out her book ahead of time.)

Alright, I hope to do better on checking in now & then. I’ll have to schedule it in.