Currently listening to: Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics (old school tonight)

As you can see, I’m playing around with a new theme. Not sure if I’m loving this one, but my old theme had some limitations design-wise. So, for now, I’ll try this theme on for a few days & see how I feel.

Along with the new theme, I also added a new widget (such a funny little word!). I finally succumbed & joined Twitter (@thisismewriting). Not entirely sure why or whether I’ll keep it up, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m already addicted to Facebook (after resisting for months), so maybe Twitter isn’t such a good idea given my highly addictive personality towards all things social media. Although, I did resist myspace. Ok, actually, I just couldn’t figure out myspace.

Anyways, I promise not to let Twitter get in the way of my blogging, nor writing. I remain committed! Now off to write something longer than 140 characters.