In lieu of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to instead focus on 4 words that I want to be able to use to define my life at the end of 2009. The idea comes from Carrie McCarty & Danielle LaPorte  who wrote this great book, Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. I picked it up at the end of the summer as a part of my quest to do some self-reflection & just some basic figuring out. Anyways, life got in the way & I really wasn’t in the mood to be too self-reflective, until last week when I picked the book back up & started going through it.

The book walks you through a personal inventory to create a style statement which is kind of like personal branding, I guess. Essentially you come up with 2 words that help define who you are. It’s not meant to restrict or limit you, but rather to get you to look at what you truly value & who you really are. At this point, I’m only about half-way through the exercises, so I don’t know what my style statement is yet. But, I’ve been checking out their website & they have a daily Q&A, and today’s question was “What word describes your desire for 2009?” I did some thinking & was only able to narrow it down to 4; but those 4 actually really define what I want to do this year. (more…)

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The other day I took the plunge and bought the domain name of my name. (I bought the name for this blog as well & am currently working on getting it linked up. Just going to take a few days to get someone to do it for me. My tech skills are questionable at best.)

Anyways, I bought my domain name because I’m thinking positively. Whether I end up using it to market my eventual “novel” or just for the work writing I do (& those freelance articles brewing in my head), I decided it was a good step to take. Also, I figured it was about time I make it mine as there is someone else out there with my name.

One day I was googling my name and came across an article in my college newspaper written by “me.” At least the attribution line said it was written by me. While I did write a couple articles for my college paper, this was not one of them. I soon realized that not only was there someone else out there with my name–with the exact same spelling, but she also went to the same college I did (although a few years after me) & was a writer (well, at least for the college newspaper. I haven’t come across anything else she’s done since then). Luckily I was the first one to lay claim to “our” domain name. I hate sharing.

I went for first+last name. Easy enough. I thought about first initial+last name, but that was taken (by some silversmiths). I also gave some thought to using my middle initial as I did when I wrote in college, but decided that I wanted to keep it simple. True, if I ever get the site up & running, some people might mistake the two of us, but I’ll take my chances.

So my name is mine. Now we’ll just have to see what I make of it.

Image: metatron1050 via flickr


What have you found while googling your name?