Drove up to Santa Barbara today to visit with friends of my mother & to get some help making sense of genealogy research my mother did. Good on both fronts today.

It was a beautiful day for a drive. It was nice to get away. A break from the norm. A different place.

I’m leaning towards putting draft #2 on hold, for now. During the drive, my mind kept wandering towards possibilities for this new WIP.

The interesting thing…the last couple weeks, at least half a dozen people have told me to write to get through this. The interesting thing, they don’t know I write. All of them suggested writing about what I’m going through, or rather my mother. Which is kind of funny/odd because my mother used to always joke that our family–her included–would make great material for a book. She didn’t know I was working on a novel. I hadn’t told her, or any of my immediate family, because I didn’t want the pressure of being asked (1) what was I writing about, and (2) when was I going to finish it. Telling friends & strangers always entailed less pressure. My current WIP is not about my family. I’m not saying I’m going to now write non-fiction, or non-fiction thinly disguised as fiction. But I think I will be using a thread of all this and spinning it into something. Sticking with fiction. I don’t know, non-fiction just doesn’t appeal to me. Too confining. At least for now. Who knows.

Today wasn’t bad. It’s weird to say that.

Today I got a little advice from an acquaintance of my mother that I guess makes sense.

Now, I need to live my life deliberately.

I admit, in the last month, I’ve been rather passive. I could manage little else.

But, it makes sense. My mother wouldn’t want me to withdraw or lose my way. She helped create an environment in which I could lead the life I wanted. I know it’s now my job to continue what she put me on the path to do.

Easier said than done.

Today was ok again. Pretty busy. Ran some errands. Cleaned the house. Went to the market. Did some work. Visited with a friend. Made some phone calls. Oil change for the car in preparation for tomorrow’s drive up to Santa Barbara. I’m looking forward to the drive. Long drives relax me, and are usually good for writing ideas.

I bought a calendar today. The only one available starts in January. Still, I was able to mark down some goals. The key one being submitting pages for critique at the Southern California Writer’s Conference in February. Still not sure what those pages are going to be–draft #2 of the WIP or something new. My writing group meets on Saturday. Last Saturday before NaNoWriMo starts. Hopefully I’ll have a decision or at least an idea by then.

So, I need to go about this new chapter of my life deliberately. I’ll try.

Today was fine, I guess. Did some work. A friend came over. Confirmed that I’m going up to Santa Barbara on Friday for the day. Hung out with the dogs.

I can’t say whether I felt good or bad today. I’m still not really feeling anything. I was just ok. I can live with that I suppose.