I’m trying a little experiment this week. I’m not going to watch the news. I’m also going to try& avoid looking at any news sites online & the newspapers. There’s just so much negativity out there & I’m a little tired of it. I”m working on a much clearer, more positive me. I don’t think I need the news to influence my day & my decisions anymore. Thus, the experiment.

Given the fact that I’m a bit of a news junkie this could be hard. Right now, I’m used to having the morning news on while I check my email & get my day started. Every evening, I have the news on while making dinner. And every night before I go to bed, it’s on again. Every day, online, I check the Los Angeles Times, CNN, Washington Post, BBC, & Google News. That’s way too much.

So, TV is off. All news bookmarks on my homepage have been deleted. We’ll see how this goes.

By the way, I trust that if anything major happens that I should know about, someone will leave a comment here to let me know. Thanks.