11 weeks. Yeah, no more real than last week, or the week before that.

So, my car wouldn’t start this morning. Actually, I take that back. It would start, it just would not shift out of park, which you know, makes it kind of difficult to back out of the driveway & go anywhere. This actually has been a problem for awhile. But usually, if you just let the car warm up for a bit, it’s fine. My mechanic had told me that the fix involves the transmission–a rather expensive repair…of course. I’ve been putting it off, but earlier this week I had a feeling things were getting bad. So, I went by the mechanic (who happens to be a family friend) & told him that I’d be bringing it in soon. Apparently it will be sooner than I expected. So Monday morning I’ll be getting my car towed to the mechanic. Hopefully, it will be a quick repair. It sucks to be carless.

So, today I took the bus to get around. I had some errands that had to get done regardless of my transportation status. Now, don’t get me wrong. I spent 10 years using public transportation when I lived on the East Coast. But public transportation in southern California is lacking to put it lightly. While it wasn’t too bad, it just takes way to long to get anywhere. I like metros. I hate buses. I feel like there’s more control on a metro train. Still, I guess it wasn’t too bad. Built in exercise; no guilt about not making it to the gym today.

But really, the main issue here…if one more thing goes wrong on a Saturday, I’m really going to develop a complex about the day as a whole. First my mother. Then my dog’s cancer diagnosis. Now this. All happens on a Saturday. Not that I’m in anyway comparing my mother’s death & my dog’s cancer to car problems, but it’s just I’m tired of complications, of hassles, of having something else to deal with. Seriously, I need a break. I need things to go well. I need some really good news or something really good to happen…soon.

On the up side, it was a nice day today. I’m trying to stay positive.

Image: existenialism via flickr