After a month of procrastination, I finally got around to going through my garage in preparation for a garage sale I committed to for this coming weekend. Luckily there was nothing scurrying around in there, although there were plenty of spiders–although nothing worse than a daddy-long-legs.

I found photo albums, both my mother’s and my yearbooks from high school,& my first Christmas ornament, & stocking. I also found the book my late grandfather gave me when I was first born and a book given to my grandmother when she was a child by her father. I found my first communion bible and veil crown, and the plaster cast of my handprint at 2-years old. All things I was grateful to find in one piece considering they’d been sitting in that garage for more than 12 years.

The one sad thing is that the one childhood doll that I had since I was 3 that I really wanted to find was destroyed. It along with a couple of my other favorite stuffed animals from when I was a baby were in a box that at some point got put on the floor. Over the years, the rain and mold got to it. Out of everything in that garage, it was one of the two boxes destroyed. The other contained some photo albums–some of which I was able to salvage, but others were so far gone I couldn’t even tell what some of the photos once were. We have a ton of photo albums, so I can let those go. But my doll and those stuffed animals are a little harder to let go of. The annoying thing is that a box of Cabbage Patch Kids I had as a child was on top of the other box of dolls. The Cabbage Patch Kids were fine. I really don’t give a crap about those. But apparently they will survive the apocalypse.

On the upside, I still have my first teddy bear and two other stuffed animals that I’ve had since I was a baby, and my baby blanket.

It was one box. But it was the one box that had the doll that I was insanely attached to as a child.

I’m a little sad.