Image: Arnisto via flickr

Amidst my horrid head cold & Twilight binge last week, I somehow managed to stop watching TV. When I get sick my senses get a little wacky–I tend to have an extreme aversion to chaotic noise. So, no real surprise that I wouldn’t want the TV or radio on & instead opt for the quite of a book. But usually, I tend to go back to normal within a few days. Not so this time around. It’s been over a week & a half, & I’ve probably had the TV on no more than an hour total. I’ve stopped turning the news on in the morning as I get ready for work. I’ve stopped turning on something mindless when I get home from work. And I’ve stopped going to bed after watching whatever show I’d usually be sucked into. I’ve also found that I no longer like listening to the local radio stations during my morning or evening commute. The music part I can handle; the talk part, I can’t. I really don’t want to listen to anyone prattle on. So, it’s just been me & my iPod as I reacquaint myself with some of my music.

For months I’ve been considering giving up my TV, or at least cable. (I figure I should at least keep the TV & the option of the local news in case of an emergency.) But I hadn’t been able to really keep away from it. Not that I’m a TV junkie, but I can be easily sucked into crap. I have the willpower of a two-year old.

So, I’m a little surprised by how easy this has been. The nice thing is, it has really freed up my evenings. I don’t feel like I’m cramming writing into the few hours I have after I come home from work, plus I have time to read for more than a few minutes before bed. Also, I just feel calmer, more centered, more present, & a whole lot less tired. I didn’t realize how muddled my thoughts could get with all that outside stimulation.

I’m going to give it another week before I call the cable company, but I have a feeling this might be a permanent thing. It should definitely have a positive effect on the novel eventually getting done!