Image: pOOfkAt via flickr

Image: pOOfkAt via flickr

Well, this is just weird.

In the mail today was a card addressed to my mother. Inside, a “Get Well” card signed by a bunch of people saying various things like:

My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Our prayers are with you for your health and healing.

Both my brother & I read the card thinking maybe it was a sympathy card for us, but it’s clear that it is a “Get Well” card. The handwritten notes are about getting well, wishing her good health, and they’re all in the present tense. I even checked the post-mark to make sure the post office hadn’t somehow screwed up and sent this late. But still, that wouldn’t make sense. She wasn’t sick before she died. It was sudden & unexpected.

Neither the person who sent it, nor the people who signed it, are familiar to me. My mother had decided to retire from nursing about 9 months before she died. I know the staff of her last employer knew that she had passed. She had worked at various hospitals over the years, so, I’m assuming this card is from people who she worked with previously who must have somehow heard she was “ill”; however, the message must have been garbled along the way. But I don’t know. So, I pulled out one of the “Thank You” cards purchased in the weeks after she died to thank the people who had sent cards & flowers then. I thanked the person who mailed the card, but informed them that in fact she had died a year ago this very week; and if they had any questions they could contact me.

Of all the weeks to get this card…. I know there are people in her life that don’t know because I’ve been unable to contact them. I still expect to run into old neighbors or family friends around town who don’t know and will have to inform them. But, this card, its timing is just weird. I’m not sure what to think about it.