Wow, didn’t realize how long it had been since I last posted.

So, that big interview I had was last week & it went great. I didn’t run out of questions. He didn’t stop talking. It was perfect. The only thing that seriously could have made it better was more time. The amazing thing was that leading up to it, I was fine. No nerves. During it, I was perfectly calm. Although, actually doing interviews has never been my problem. It was always the run-up that got me worked-up. Whoever this new calmer me is, I like her. It was so nice to not be obsessing about how it could go wrong. I was just in the moment and I was ok.

How very Zen of me.

Anyways, that was almost two weeks ago now. Yesterday morning I got confirmation that I will have an even bigger interview next week. This is someone who was on one of the iconic television shows of my childhood. He happens to be active in the field that the non-profit I write for works in. And through a friend of a friend of the founder of the organization, the interview was lined up. After I found out, I waited a moment for the panic/nerves to set in, but funny thing (funny to me), they never came. If anything I’m just thinking this is cool.

So, again we’ll see how calm I remain over the next week as I prep for the interview. But, something tells me I’ll be fine. Actually, this new calmer me is telling me, I’ll be fine & to just in enjoy the fact that this is a cool opportunity & a great step professionally.