Had a bit of a revelation this morning.

In college I double majored in International Relations and Journalism. IR was my primary major. I did the journalism major to have the writing background. While I loved to write, I always hating interviewing–a big part of journalism & any future career in the field. I wrote for my high school & college papers, & suffered through the interviews for those stories. I always got great feedback on those stories, but once I was done with college, I made the decision that I would pursue work that focused on the IR degree. The journalism background would just show that I knew how to write.

Fast-forward 12-years. As I started reformulating my career plans, writing became the focus. I realized it was what I loved to do more than anything else. While I want my focus to be creative writing, the reality is, I need to make some kind of living. Thus, the journalism degree has suddenly become useful. I have talked about the fact that I need to be working on freelance articles. I have had writing instructor’s tell me I should be doing it. I’ve gotten nothing but encouragement. I know I have the writing skills. But still, the interview phobia has held me back.

Then it dawned on me this morning that I’ve been doing interviews for the last 2-years for a newsletter that I write for. Every 2 months, I interview someone for a profile that is featured in the newsletter. For the most part, the interviewees have been students, ordinary people. But then, on Monday, I scheduled my first big interview. It will be with someone who has written books and been interviewed by Larry King and Oprah. After all those years of dreading interviews, being to chicken to even schedule them, I scheduled this one (admittedly, I procrastinated a bit on that) without any great angst. And now, I’m prepping for the interview which will take place next Monday morning on the phone.

Yes, I’m a bit nervous. But the funny thing is my real problem was never actually doing the interviews, it was asking for them. The fact that I asked for this interview & got it was the major hurdle. Doing it didn’t feel like such a big deal–although, check back with me Sunday night to see where my anxiety level is.

So, I’m still digesting the fact that I seemed to have conquered my fear without realizing I was doing so. We’ll see what this means for some of those articles I know I should be writing.

Baby steps.