I just brought Teddy home 2 hours ago.

I went to see him twice yesterday. Once in the morning when Leo was there for a regularly scheduled blood test to see how he reacted to the first dose of the Lomustine & to make sure he was okay for next week’s injectable chemo treatment. All clear for him.

So, while Leo was in back, they put me in an exam room with Teddy for a visit. He was definitely out of sorts, but walking around & somewhat alert. They said he’d gotten through the night with no problem & their goal at that point was to start tapering the IV pain meds he was receiving & getting him to eat. They asked me to try & feed him with the dog food & chicken baby food they had. He wasn’t having it. He usually gets chicken & rice at home or a canned food–but it wasn’t the canned food they were peddling him. They also thought he might be refusing the food because the IV meds suppress appetite. So, they asked me to come back later in the day with his food & they would have time to taper the meds in the hope that he would eat. So, I went back around 4PM. It was quickly obvious they had decreased his pain meds. He was whining more than I’d ever heard him & of course refusing food. He won’t eat if he’s uncomfortable or sick. So, the doctor agreed to up his dosage again & to try & feed him his own food again later. By 9PM when I called to check with the vet tech, he said Teddy was more comfortable, even sleeping, but still hadn’t eaten; but he would try to get him to eat again throughout the night.

This morning, the doctor said he was happy with Teddy’s progress–all test results, etc. were normal; although Teddy still hadn’t eaten. But the doctor thought that maybe being home in his normal environment might make him more comfortable & get him to eat. I was a little nervous about bringing him home because if he wouldn’t eat I wouldn’t be able to get him to take his pain meds, & I didn’t want him in any pain. But I had to agree that his refusal to eat might be anxiety. So, I agreed. I waited as long as I could to pick him up & finally did at 5:30 tonight. Luckily by then he had eaten half a bowl of food; so a little relief.

So, he’s been home 2 hours now. He’s doped up on pain meds (Tramadol) & is wearing a pain patch (Duragesic analgesic patch). He immediately came in & had some water. Good. Then he let me pet him for awhile. Then the whinning started again. I decided to give him one of the sedatives they gave me for him. They said I could use it if he seemed anxious. And I know they gave him a sedative along with the pain meds yesterday after the whining episode. Of course, I had to wait till about an hour after we got home to give it to him. He can’t eat after a car ride or stress or he’s guaranteed to throw up. So, I waited. At first when I offered him the dog food ball with the pill he refused it, but then I tried offering him these treats I get from Trader Joe’s that he LOVES. I swear, they are doggie crack! He accepted it. So, between bits of the treat, I gave him the dog food ball with the pill & he ate it. He then had a little more dog food. I’m just giving him small meals here & there tonight to make sure he doesn’t eat to quickly & throw up. I can’t imagine that throwing up with a giant incision down the length of your abdomen can be comfortable. Within 45-minutes of taking the pill he fell asleep. He’s now passed out on his bed in the living room, snoring, but not whining.

So, next up is his pain pill at 1 AM & I’ll do his antibiotic around that time as well–apparently I’m not going to bed early tonight. You know your dogs are on a lot of meds when you need a whiteboard on the frig to keep it all straight!! But, hopefully Teddy will be off all the meds in a couple weeks.

Sutures come out on Feb. 11. Until then, we’ll just take it one day at a time, be relieved that we got this far, & get back to it being the 3 of us.

…oh, almost forgot to mention. When I was waiting for them to bring Teddy out in walked an actor from one of my mother’s favorite TV shows. He was there to visit his dog. I don’t know, I guess I take it as a sign that my mother was around; God knows she wouldn’t have gotten a kick out of it!