Wade Franklin via flickr

Image: Wade Franklin via flickr

Teddy made it through surgery. He is now in ICU at the animal hospital under observation. We still have to get through the next 24-48 hours. Worries are infection & possibility of a clot. If all goes well, he’ll be home in 2 days.

Things actually didn’t go to plan. We got up early this morning & trekked to the vet for surgery, ready to go. We got there & found out that the stones were definitely the kind that required surgery. So, the simple sedation & flushing were out. Given his Cushings, the vet decided she was less comfortable with doing the surgery herself. While she does surgery, it’s not her speciality. So, she referred us to the animal specialty hospital where Leo gets his oncology/chemo care.

Even though I’ve been going there almost weekly for the last 6 weeks & really like the staff, I remembered how stressed I got when I first had to take Leo in there. I was worried about having a melt down again. So, I called up a friend & she was kind enough to drop everything & come with me. Her presence helped so much. She shared her snacks with me at the hospital, because of course I hadn’t eaten–which only increases the likelihood of me having a meltdown. So, the snack was good. And she was just helpful with asking questions & keeping me calm.

Luckily we got another great doctor there, a surgeon. So, if anyone is in the Los Angeles area & needs a good animal specialty hospital, I can highly recommend Animal Specialty Group–at least their oncology & surgical departments. I’ve been to other animal hospitals in the area, & this is by far the best place I have ever been. Expensive, but good.

I had a bit of a breakdown as I had to let them take him back & leave. The reality is/was I couldn’t be sure that he would make it through surgery. Having to leave him there, & to be potentially saying goodbye, killed. I’m not ready to lose the little guy. And he looked so sad. (Yes, I need to post a picture. Unfortunately, don’t have any on this computer. Will work on it!) Thank God my friend was there & got me through. She made sure I had lunch & then spent the entire day (from 9:30 AM until 8:00 PM) with me. We hung out at my house with Leo. She waited to leave until the surgeon called to tell us Teddy had woken up from anesthesia & was doing ok. I don’t know what I would have done all day. Ok, yes, I do know. I would have been having a break down & crying most of it. And to think, I actually had planned on going into a work meeting this afternoon! What was I thinking! Don’t worry, I called & canceled a few hours before, as I would have been in the meeting while Teddy was going into surgery. So, it was the right call to just hang out today.

So, anyways, Teddy’s surgery went well. No complications, so far. He’s awake, but groggy. Later this evening they are going to give him a little food & then take him out for a little walk to pee. I get to see him tomorrow; Leo has lab tests tomorrow, so, I’m going to see him while we’re there. I wonder if they’ll let Leo see him? I at least want him to know that I didn’t just abandon him, even if it will still be hard to say goodbye & leave him there again. But, hopefully, hopefully, he’ll be home the next day. And then we’ll just have to get through recovery with the sutures. Luckily, Teddy is a tad overweight (for once his weight works in his favor!) which makes it impossible for his to lick or scrath at the wound. And he’s also a bit unenergetic. Teddy’s preferred way to spend the day is sleeping under a bed. So, I won’t have to worry about him jumping or running around and tearing his sutures.

So, at this moment, I’m tentatively optimistic & just relieved. And really really exhausted. I think tonight is going to be an early night. It’ll be weird not having Teddy sleeping in his bed on the side of the bed, snoring like a truck driver (seriously! He’s loud!); but, at least now I feel like I can have hope that he’ll be back there in a couple days.

So, continued good thoughts & prayers. They’ve worked so far.

Image: Wade Franklin via flickr