Image: Leo Reynolds via flickr

Yeah, still counting.

Managing the crutches much better. Discovered yesterday that my kitchen is ideally laid out for them. I can pretty much reach all surfaces when standing in the middle, which is ideal for moving pots from the stove to the counter to the sink. I made oatmeal yesterday morning with no problems, & will venture to cook for myself tonight as I’m on my own.

I’ve taken to carrying around a backpack when I move from room to room. That way I can carry my own stuff around & not have to constantly ask someone to get me or bring me something. I look like I’m running away from home. It amuses me.

I went to writing group this morning, & shocker, actually got some writing in. Go figure! Actually, I got some words in last night as well. So, 2 for 2. I decided to start over with draft #2. It’s not like my first attempt at draft #2 had progressed that far, & I wasn’t loving what I had. Last night I started over at page 1. I decided to move back my opening scene to an earlier point in the story. I’ve been mapping out how things would progress if I started at that point, & I think it offers me more possibilities. We’ll see. Just 1-page at a time. I’m not  setting any word count goals. At this point I’m going for at least a page a day. Usually I find that once I get started it turns out to be more than 1-page. So, I’m just going to let it flow.

So, today was ok. This week has actually been ok, despite the crutches. For now, I’m watching Elizabethtown on cable & enjoying some quiet time at home.

Image: Leo Reynolds via flickr