Leo is currently at his first chemo treatment. He’s also getting his tests done to determine if the cancer has spread to his liver, spleen, or bone marrow. Fingers crossed, it hasn’t! Positive thinking. Yes, the positive thinking hasn’t exactly proved itself recently, but I choose to remain optimistic. Or at least I’m trying.

I’m really hoping he handles the chemo well with few side effects. I really don’t want to this to affect him. It’s supposed to improve his quality of life, not make it worse. But, we’ll see. Vet keeps telling me that, for the most part, dogs handle it well with minimal side effects–usually some nausea, vomiting, or appetite loss for a couple hours to a day; and there’s meds they can give him to counteract that. I think he & I can handle that. Let’s hope for that.

My brother & his girlfriend arrived home yesterday, so he was able to take Leo in with me today. Such a relief. Definitely helped keep my anxiety level down; although, I’ll admit, I’ve definitely felt anxious the last 2 days in anticipation of today. But, at least I had someone there in case I freaked out again. But so far, so good.

Ok, more once I know how it goes. For now, positive thoughts.