The 20th. Two months.

It feels like yesterday. It feels like a year ago. It doesn’t feel real. I really don’t get how all of those feelings are possible at the same time?

Found myself crying out of nowhere while on my way over to a family friend’s house for lunch. Maybe it was a line in the song I was listening to. I don’t know. I’ve gotten over trying to make myself look presententable after crying. I really don’t care anymore if I look like I’ve been balling.

I’m convinced these friends won’t leave me alone on the 20th. That’s fine with me.

Didn’t really do anything else today. Maybe that was on purpose, maybe it was subconscious. I don’t know. Just want the day over.

Leo’s doing fine. His energy level & mobility are back to where they were pre-surgery. Although, he’s supposed to be taking it easy. Hard to convince him of that. Tomorrow is his recheck for his sutures & possibly results. (BENIGN BENIGN BENIGN.)

New thing for the day: pickles in tuna & I didn’t gag.

Image: Kentigern via flickr