Leo’s surgery went fine & he’s home now & sleeping. The vet removed the lump. She said part of it was fatty matter, but the other part was something else. So, now we wait for biopsy results which should be in on Friday.

Right now, he’s sleeping. I know I kid that these dogs are like the children I’ve always been apathetic about having. That couldn’t be more true tonight. I’m having to totally baby him. Leo is wearing one of those plastic cones around his neck to keep him from scratching or licking his incision. He can’t drink water from the bowl unless I hold it up for him. Plus I had to hand feed him his dinner. His right front leg & much of his chest has been shaved. He can’t really bend his leg, so he struggled for the first hour we were home trying to figure out how to lay down. Finally, I picked him up & put him on the sofa with me, & he figured out how to lay down & went right to sleep. I’m supposed to keep him quiet & restrict his movement–no running or jumping. So, I have to carry him up & down the stairs to go outside & to get up on the sofa. Luckily he’s only a medium sized terrier–27 lbs.

I’ll be honest. None of this is easy. I hate doing this on my own. My mother always handled the medical stuff, even with the dogs. I’m a little squeamish. But it’s just that she’s not here. It’s weird to be making all this decisions on my own.

So, we’ll just get through this recovery & after the results come back BENIGN on Friday, we can move on. Whatever moving on is.

(I would post a picture of Leo, but apparently I have none on my computer & my digital camera died so I can’t take any right now. Sorry.)