Took advantage of the holiday & headed out to Santa Monica for lunch at the pier & some hanging out time on the beach with friends. A beautiful day. Little cool for laying out or going in the water (not that I would ever go near the water at Santa Monica…God, knows what’s floating in there!). But it was nice to just sit on a blanket & talk.

Spent the rest of the evening at a board meeting for the non-profit I volunteer with. Actually, the day my mother died, I was helping out at one of their events. I have to admit, I had a little anxiety as I was heading to the meeting. Just brought up a lot of memories of that day, not that I don’t have those memories almost every day. But still…. The meeting was fine, but it just dragged on longer than it needed to. My goal for our next meeting is to see if I can cut the time in half. We’ll see.

So, haven’t had anytime to write today. I know I could right now. But I’m really trying to get on a schedule so I go to bed earlier & get up earlier, so hopefully I have time in the AM to write and do more work stuff then. Because right now, all my work stuff ends up in the afternoon & evening, which makes it difficult to focus on non-work stuff like that little novel I’m trying to get done. As part of this inquiry into “creative visulatization,” I definitely want to get back to that idea of setting up a schedule for all the work & non-work stuff I want to fit into a day. The days are just getting away from me & there are definitely things I want to be doing & exploring. I really want to live deliberately, & that’s so not happening these days. Gotta change that.

So, overall today didn’t suck, but it still sucked.

Image: Squiggle via flickr