Yeah, Obama won. That helped make it a good day, or at least a momentous day. Now let’s see what he does.

I had to take one of my dogs, Leo, to the vet today. I found a rather large lump on his leg last night. The vet took a culture & has sent it off to the lab. I’ll get results by Friday. Something to worry about. Hoping for the best. His health has been fine. There’s nothing to indicate he’s sick. He’s eating, drinking, & exercising normally; and doesn’t seem to be in pain when the lump is touched. I only found it when he rolled over & I was petting him. I have no idea how long it has been there. I can see how I would have missed it, but at the same time, I wonder. So, we’ll see. Good thoughts.

Yesterday was a really hard day. Finding the lump on Leo’s leg only added to it. It just hit me, how much I really miss my mom. People tell me they understand, but I really don’t think they do–unless they’ve been in this position. It’s not easy to explain. A lot more tears yesterday than in quite awhile. It’s just hard & it sucks.

Hate to admit that I haven’t done any writing for NaNoWriMo. I’m going to be doing a major writing binge this weekend. Although, tomorrow I think I might have some time in the afternoon to get going. Ok, that’s the plan, I’m going to do some writing tomorrow afternoon. Hold me to it!!

Image: Caucas’ via flickr