Spent the morning having breakfast with my grandmother & then this afternoon carving pumpkins with friends. It’s the first time I’ve carved a pumpkin since I was probably 10. It’s all hi-tech now with battery operated carving knives & patterns. Gone are the days of nearly cutting off a finger with a butcher knife & triangle eyes and circular noses. I managed to escape intact. My pumpkin doesn’t look too bad–eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, and even ears & hair. I got a little carried away with the carving knife.

This evening a friend helped me take the dogs for a walk. They walk at different speeds; so it’s a 2 person job. They & I appreciated the outing.

I guess an ok day. It was just weird when a friend was saying, “Remember when you’re mother…,” and, “You need to tell your mother….” I thought they were talking about my mother. I thought they’d somehow forgotten. Then realized they were talking to someone else, about someone else’s mother. They weren’t talking to me, but it still hollowed me out.

It’s all weird. I not sure what to really think about any of it.