Drove up to Santa Barbara today to visit with friends of my mother & to get some help making sense of genealogy research my mother did. Good on both fronts today.

It was a beautiful day for a drive. It was nice to get away. A break from the norm. A different place.

I’m leaning towards putting draft #2 on hold, for now. During the drive, my mind kept wandering towards possibilities for this new WIP.

The interesting thing…the last couple weeks, at least half a dozen people have told me to write to get through this. The interesting thing, they don’t know I write. All of them suggested writing about what I’m going through, or rather my mother. Which is kind of funny/odd because my mother used to always joke that our family–her included–would make great material for a book. She didn’t know I was working on a novel. I hadn’t told her, or any of my immediate family, because I didn’t want the pressure of being asked (1) what was I writing about, and (2) when was I going to finish it. Telling friends & strangers always entailed less pressure. My current WIP is not about my family. I’m not saying I’m going to now write non-fiction, or non-fiction thinly disguised as fiction. But I think I will be using a thread of all this and spinning it into something. Sticking with fiction. I don’t know, non-fiction just doesn’t appeal to me. Too confining. At least for now. Who knows.

Today wasn’t bad. It’s weird to say that.