I just realized my last post marks my 50th post here. So, in honor of the occasion (& my ability to stick with something for this long, see #29 for an explanation as to why this remarkable), I felt it was time to tell a little about myself:

  1. My name is Alison with one “L.” Growing up, my best friend was named Allison with two L’s. My name is always spelled wrong. And they never had those personalized toy license plates or key chains with my spelling when I was a kid. Yes, I’m still bitter.
  2. I was born in Los Angeles.
  3. I was raised in Pasadena. California, not Texas…god forbid. No offense to Texans. Some of my friends are Texans. But, ewww! Sorry.
  4. I’m 33, but I don’t feel a day over 25.
  5. I went to 3 high schools, because my mother wanted to try living somewhere other than California. Not because I kept getting kicked out.
  6. Freshman year, I went to school in Tucson; but my mom, brother, and I hated Tucson. Seen one cactus, seen them all.
  7. I spent my sophomore year in Albuquerque; my brother & I hated that even more. Drive 12-miles in any direction from the center of Albuquerque & you will wind up in the middle of nowhere. Yes, we tested this theory & then decided to move.
  8. I convinced my mother to move us back to Pasadena so I could finish high school with my friends.
  9. Two years later, I took off for college in Boston.
  10. I majored in International Relations & Journalism.
  11. I originally intended to be a voice major, but was talked out of it by a high school teacher who thought I should do something more practical.
  12. I majored in Journalism because I wanted a major with a writing background, but couldn’t fit in an English double major & still graduate in 4-years.
  13. I wish I’d done the English major, or creative writing.
  14. I’ve always loved to write, especially fiction. But I know the power of non-fiction.
  15. When I was a senior in high school I wrote an editorial for the school newspaper about sexual harassment in high schools. It was aimed at a certain teacher that most of the girls in my class didn’t like to be left alone with. Even though I never named him directly in the article, everyone knew who I was talking about. Including him. He never made eye contact with me again for the rest of the year. The power was sweet!!!
  16. In college I worked at the bar the TV show Cheers was based on.
  17. In high school, I was part of the choir during the Super Bowl halftime show with Michael Jackson. This was during his Heal the World phase, in the early days of his weirdness.
  18. My brother is exactly 4 years, 6 months, and 1 day younger than me. As a child I was always very particular about pointing this out. I don’t know why. His half-birthday is the day after my birthday; and my half-birthday is the day before his.
  19. My parents divorced when I was 12 & I still managed to turn out fairly well-adjusted.
  20. I lived in DC for five years working for the government–which is code for working here.
  21. I hate admitting I worked there. No, not because of the politics, but because people think it’s way more cool than it ever was & always want to ask me questions or talk about it, and it bores me to tears to talk about it.
  22. I don’t want the highlight of my professional career to have been working there.
  23. I chucked my career, the one I’d spent my education preparing for, at 28.
  24. And it was the best thing I ever did. I have no regrets.
  25. The idea of working in an office again makes me want to scratch out my eyeballs.
  26. I don’t believe in having a plan, just a rough sketch.
  27. I believe in doing what & everything that makes you happy.
  28. While money is necessary, it is not important.
  29. I have the attention span of a 2-year old.
  30. And the procrastination skills of someone wise beyond their years.
  31. I love music.
  32. I love my iPod. I happen do believe it is one of the best inventions EVER!
  33. Back in the days of CD players, I had a 100-CD carrying case that I lugged with me everywhere when I would travel.
  34. I would love to say that my music taste has always been cool, but I loved New Kids on the Block during my teen years. I went to 3 of their concerts and actually have a signed CD.
  35. I love concerts & truly appreciate artists who can perform well live.
  36. I always carry a book, my journal/notebook, and my iPod in my purse.
  37. I’ve lived in London; Bologna, Italy; Brussels; and Athens. (I define living as long enough to receive mail.)
  38. When I’m outside the US, I can pass for Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Persian, or Arab.
  39. In reality, I’m half German-Polish on my dad’s side, and Native American-Mexican on my mom’s.
  40. I moved back to LA when I was 28 in the midst of my pre-mid-life-crisis. I like living here as an adult.
  41. I’m writing a novel…eeks, it freaks me out to say that word aloud. It sounds so pretentious.
  42. I once took the bus from Boston to Tampa and back for no real reason.
  43. I stopped coloring my hair at 28, right when I stopped trying to fit into a career & life that wasn’t me.
  44. I am incredibly sarcastic.
  45. I’m an introvert among strangers, & a total extrovert around my friends.
  46. I am amused to no end by talking animals. We’re talking voice-overs and cartoons here. No, I don’t think animals actually talk. Although, my dog Leo definitely seems to try sometimes.
  47. I am both a morning and a night person, depending on the day; and would much rather spend the afternoon taking a nap.
  48. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 28 & moved back to California. Weird I know. In high school, all my friends drove & I was one of those over-achieving kids who had no time to learn how to drive. And then from 18-28, I lived in cities with great subway systems.
  49. I never learned how to ride a bike. Again, weird, I know.
  50. I’m serious about doing something with my writing.

…to be continued.