I typed it. There, at the very bottom of page 226.

I’ve saved a copy to my hard drive, to my thumb drive, and I’ve attached a copy to myself in an email. You can never be too careful with 226-pages, over 73,000+ words, & what amounts to more than a year of your life.

That’s it. I’m letting it go. This draft is what it is. Is the ending perfect? No. But I think I’m ready to start over and see how it ends in my 2nd draft.

This is a truly weird feeling. I can’t quite describe how this feels. I know this is a major accomplishment, but honestly, it just feels weird & a little anticlimactic. I think in a lot of ways my mind is already on draft #2. Before I even sat down to write the last page tonight, I was making character notes for draft #2. I guess I just finally caught up with myself.

So, taking a few days off to absorb, reflect, and mentally prepare for draft #2. Then will get going again.

The new goal: 2nd draft completed by December 31st.


Ok, just realized that for more than the last hour I’ve been listening to the same song on repeat. Earlier tonight I had a certain song on repeat, but I had stopped that song & thougt I was listening to a whole album. But no. Apparently, I’ve been so spaced & dazed with all this that I’ve been listening to the same song over & over & over & over again. It’s time for bed.