I’m sorry, but I must digress.

Stop here if you don’t want to read a political rant from me. I’ll return to my normal benign posting tomorrow.

I’m pissed & insulted. John McCain announced his choice for VP today. Sarah Palin. This totally reeks of pandering!

Now, you should now, I am a Democrat and I was and still am a Hillary Clinton supporter. I have been incredibly reluctant about Barack Obama from the get-go. In fact, since she withdrew from the race in June, I have been trying to figure out what I would do with my vote. Even with the addition of Joe Biden as his running mate, I was still on the fence.

The reason I favored Clinton over Obama had much to do with the experience & foreign policy issues. If you remember back to 2000, one of the reasons our current President struck such a chord with voters was that he kept marketing himself as an outsider. Well, we’ve all seen how well that’s worked out. I wanted to see someone in office who was an insider, who knew how politics and government work and don’t work. It amazes me that the office of president and vice president are two of the few jobs that DON’T REQUIRE significant work/professional experience. Come on, if I want to be a respected doctor or lawyer, I think the people employing me and using my services would expect me to have an educational and professional background to warrant the position. So, I have no problem with the notion that Clinton was a “Washington insider.” All the better.

But I digress. What’s got me pissed off & insulted today is this notion that McCain adding a woman to his ticket will attract the disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t supporting Clinton because she was a woman. I actually did care about her politics & her experience. I’m not that simple minded. And I hate this idea that there are people out there who think that. And, even though it hasn’t been said explicitly, I think the implication is there, that McCain choose Palin to appeal to women voters who were disappointed that Clinton would not be in the White House come January.

Seriously, do they think that me & my gender are that dumb! Yes, I would like to see a woman in the White House in my lifetime. But I figure I’ve got a good portion of my lifetime left. I’m willing to wait. I want the right woman in office–whether it be as president or vice president. And Sarah Palin is not it. Regardless of her politics–which I don’t agree with, her lack of experience is frightening. Yes, Obama has been criticized for his lack of experience–and I’ve been one of the people who has done so. But at least he’s been on the national stage in the Senate. He’s seen how DC works, even if his time there has been short. And, he has Biden who does have incredible experience to help him out if needed. But let’s be honest, there is a very real possibility of McCain kicking the bucket at some point in his presidency. Have you noticed how quickly & dramatically the Office of the presidency aged Bill Clinton & George W. Bush? It’s a stressful job. I kind of doubt that McCain has the physical (or mental) stamina to endure the job for four/eight years. Thus, Palin could very likely become president. For that reason, I seriously care about her experience and background. And a first-term, hockey-mom, former sports reporter, former beauty queen, governor of a back-water (sorry Alaska) state does not hack it for me when it comes to readiness for the job.

So, thank you John McCain for helping me decide what I’m going to do with my vote. You’ve now made the decision increadibly easy.