Mood: quite proud of myself

Currently listening to: Butterflies & Hurricanes by Muse

Did it. Done. Yeah me! A little bow. A little self-congratulations. And a little ice cream.

Currently at 71,213 words and 219-pages. Saved on my hard drive and my thumb drive. Can never be too careful. Closer to typing “THE END” than I was at the beginning of these 30-days, but still a little ways to go. Just a little, I think. Kind of nice to be coming up on the end. Yes, a moment of calm. Ahhh.

The new plan is to keep up the 1,000 words a day. I’ve come to realize that 1,000 words can be pretty painless, and I can definitely get them in. Now just need to figure out the best time of day for me to write. On the weekends, I’m better in the morning. During the week, I guess it’s evenings before bed. I’d love to write in the morning, get it out of the way, make sure it’s done before I lose track of the day. But the reality is, I’m not much of a morning writer. I have my moments, but that’s all they are–moments.

So, I guess you could say I have another little word war going for the next 30 days. Another 30K and I should definitely be done. Actually, better idea…new goal…typing “THE END” on this draft by August 31st.