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So, got a little over 2,100 words in today. Still a tad short of where I should be word-war wise; but still, roughly 5,000 words in the next 3 days…totally doable. No worries about not meeting my 30K goal by Sunday. Hell, I did 3,000 last Saturday morning. Yes, a little freakish. I was just on a roll. So, I’m not worried.

Anyways, there was an interesting turn of events in what I did write tonight. Turns out one of my characters knew something I didn’t think he would know. It just came out, and it totally makes sense for him to know what he does now. I think it also helps with the ending. Not a 100% sure about that, but still, sinking feeling that him knowing makes my ending clearer for me. I think I’m getting a better handle on how this will end. I’ve never been quite sure about how this story would end, or where it needed to end. I’ve had a rough idea of a scene I could end with, but I wasn’t entirely sure of how I would get there or how I would make it happen so that it didn’t feel contrived. But this new turn of events might help out a little there. We’ll see.

Well, I have officially crossed the 200 page mark on this draft (and 64,000+ words). I’ve NEVER written anything this long before. I think 80-pages was my old record, and that was for a research project. I knew what I had to write about there. These 200-pages all came out of thin air. Admittedly, 99.9% of them are complete shit, but that’s still 99.9% more shitty material than I had this time last year (my standards are so low these days!). At least when it is all said and done, I can stop saying that I’m working on my 1st draft. I will officially be working on a 2nd draft. Oh, bloody hell!

Alright, not obsessing yet on what is still off in the future, even if that future moment when I start my 2nd draft is nearer than it’s ever been. Letting go for the moment. Off to the beach tomorrow. Plan not to obsess and just reflect. Maybe I can figure out where these last pages are heading. We’ll see. Later.