Mood: sticky (where did this humidity come from?)

Currently listening to: The One You Once Loved Is Leaving by Lydia

Caught up. I’m determined not to get behind again during the remainder of this challenge. I will be good.

I ended up writing the scene I wrote in 1st yesterday in 3rd today. Found a way into it. Found some really mellow/depressing music to get me in the mood. Funeral scene after all. It worked. Still in it. Hopefully will wrap it up tomorrow. Not too sure what comes after this scene. Even though I feel that the end is creeping up on me, I’m still don’t know exactly how I or these characters are getting there. I have a vague idea for the final scene. Actually, that’s not true. I do know for sure that two characters finally have to meet and a confrontation needs to happen between one of those two and another character. (I know I should offer up names so this all wouldn’t be so confusing; but, one, I haven’t entirely settled on some of the characters’ names. Some are so right; others, just don’t feel/sound right. And two, the idea of offering up names publicly at this point feels a little too much like letting you read my diary. Not that this story is in any way biographical. Totally fiction. But it’s just weird to let such a major part of this story become public yet. So, bear with me and the confusion. In time.) So, back from my digression. I do have some idea of where I go after this current scene, but no firm plan. I’ve “outlined” (I use the term lightly) this story in various ways and means over the last couple months/years, but I’ve never really had this next part plotted out. So, we’ll see.

Ok. Why can’t the words I waste here count towards my word count? Seriously? 300+ already! Much less laborious. Alright, if I’m not going to spend these words on the WIP, I should call it a night. Night.