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So, I’m almost caught up. I had a really good writing session this afternoon–a good 2,000 words. I think I like the scene. It wasn’t the direction I thought it would go. A character I didn’t plan on inviting showed up. Might work in the long run, might not. Might have just been doing it to get word count, or maybe it was really inspired. Won’t know for months and not worrying about it. It moved me forward. That’s the important thing.

So, I’ve noticed that I seem to keep finding myself in situations where people are talking about writing and their own manuscripts or projects. It’s all really random. If I’m at certain places or in certain parts of LA, I EXPECT to hear about the status of the manuscript/screenplay of the guy at the next table over. But these moments have been more random. Today I was at Cafe Zephyr–cute little place in Pasadena (actually owned by a former elementary school classmate of my brother’s). When I first moved back here, I went there all the time, and then stopped. Mainly because they didn’t have wi-fi & the parking situation sucked (resulting in 2 parking tickets in less than 2 months). Well, finally went back this past Monday and again today after, at least, a 2-year gap. (They now have wi-fi, and I discovered a parking lot in the back.) So, today, I was sitting across from this group of people. I couldn’t tell what they were getting together for, but then I started eavesdropping. From what I can tell, they were a poetry group. And one of the members was talking about how she’d been asked to submit her manuscript by this poet she had met. She said the guy’s name, but I couldn’t quite make it out. Not that I’d really know. I’ve never been a big poetry reader. What did strike me is that she mentioned that he’s a friend of the former poet laureate Robert Pinsky. The reason I know him is he was a professor at Boston University where I went to college, and he was named poet laureate the year I graduated. Our graduation gift from the school was a copy of one of his collections. So, anyways, I don’t know, I guess it was just listening to her talk about how she just forced herself to finish it up and submit. I liked her attitude towards the whole thing. It was just a big step and an accomplishment in itself to be able to submit it, and to someone who had requested she do so. Maybe I’m finding myself in these situations to remind me that one, I’m not alone, and two, it’s an accomplishment just to be able to send it out. For now, I’m a long way off from that. But, it’s nice to have these serendipitous moments now and then.

Ok, I fully intend to finish catching up tonight. Actually, I guess it’s more doing what I’m supposed to for the day. Writing group tomorrow morning.