Mood: Perplexed (but in a good way) & apparently suffering from a bit of insomnia

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So, got in 1158 words today. Not bad. Well over 1000. Good day. No crises to speak of. Continued in 3rd. Yeah me. Admittedly a little continuity issue in terms of the scene I ended yesterday and where I picked up today, but I’ll worry about that on rewrite. Had something in mind when I picked up and just went with it.

Oh, so the reason I’m “perplexed”…had some time to kill between meetings this afternoon so went to Starbucks. Earlier this morning, I’d had an idea. Of course, while in the shower. They never come when I have a paper & pen handy. So, luckily I managed to actually remember the idea when I was at Starbucks because it was the first time I’d had time to sit down and write. (My short-term memory is crappy, so this is a real accomplishment when I remember something 10-minutes, let alone 5-hours later.) Anyways, started working through the idea while there, and I’m not totally sure, but it might actually work, or at least be an answer to a nagging issue. So, the idea is to use a 2nd character’s view point for the story. I’d actually considered it way back when, but had let it go because I think it’s rare when a story works when being told using more than one character POV. Two novels that I’ve read, somewhat, recently where I liked it: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. One where I thought it was poorly used: The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud. I’d have to go pull Messud’s book off the bookshelf to be exactly right, but I’m pretty sure she used at least 5 character’s view points to tell the story. My problem with it was that a couple of the characters’ view points didn’t add anything, and seemed as if they were only thrown in here and there. The book could have survived with out them. I think if you’re going to use a character’s view point there has to be a balance in its use. There has to be some equality, if not in word count, then at least in terms of the weight that character’s point of view brings to the plot/story. I think Niffenegger and Krauss did it well. But it’s a risky endeavor. So, that’s why I’m not so sure about this idea. I got a couple pages in working through a scene using this second character’s POV today and it works. I can see how it would work well in the first part of the story. As for the later half of the story, I’m not entirely sure how or when I would use/need it. So, that’s why I’m hesitant to consider this some great idea or solution to any problem. And I have to be honest, it does get me away from the focus of the story which is supposed to be my main character coming to terms with what’s going on. It’s her story and if I bring in this other character’s POV, then I loose that–maybe not entirely, but it’s no longer just her story anymore.

Hmmm…okay, so blogging this out is actually helping me continue to think this idea out…bare with me.

I can see how if I use this 2nd character’s POV, I could stay in 3rd person POV for the whole thing. It makes me more comfortable with 3rd–even though the stuff I’ve played with today using this 2nd character’s POV was in 1st person (but I can see how I can easily rework that in 3rd). But then, as I think about using it, the story would no longer be about my main character. It would be about both of them, and I’m not sure that I’m looking to tell his story as well…at least I didn’t think so. But maybe I am. And when I think about why I shouldn’t use his POV as well, it makes me more confident overall that the next draft has to be in 1st person POV from my main character’s POV.

Ok, so still not sure what I’m doing with this. For the time being, if something comes in this 2nd character’s POV, I’ll go with it. But I’ll continue moving towards the end of this current draft and then deal with it later. Not going to obsess with it now. (I know you’re probably happy to hear that!)

Anyways, so writing group is confirmed for this Saturday morning. I don’t think I’ve been since the end of June and I’ve missed it. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get some writing done. Even if I don’t during the meeting, usually I’m in a good writing mood afterwards and want/need to write those afternoons. Although, I’ve actually been pretty good with writing. But still, it’s always good to have a little motivation.

Ok, I really should be tired. It’s almost 1 AM & I’m wide awake. I guess I could read. Am currently reading Last Nights of Paris by Philippe Soupault. Just stumbled upon it last week at the bookstore. I’d never heard of him before. Apparently he’s one of the founders of the Surrealist movement and wrote this in 1928. The main reason I picked it up was because it’s written in 1st person POV, and I’m on a bit of a binge with books written from that POV. Seriously, I’d kill for a way to search on Amazon for books based on the POV from which they are written or some other characteristic. But alas, I’m left to wander the bookstores. Of course, never a bad thing.

Ok, maybe reading will put me to sleep. I need to try something. I should not be awake. Or maybe some music. Am a little obsessed with an album I just discovered a couple days ago–The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties by Emily Wells. Really, really love. A mix of classical, folk, electronica–very cool and interesting. She has another album that came out a few years ago, I haven’t really gotten that into that one. Maybe after I get tired of this one. Although, the album is probably insufficiently mellow to put me to sleep. I hate to say this, but the best thing when I can’t sleep is this BBC podcast called In Our Time. Each episode has a panel discussing a historical issue/event/person. Actually, I really like it and the episodes are really interesting. Hell, I actually listened to a full 45-minutes on the history of probability and found it interesting (I think that says a lot). But if I’m tired, most of the time, I’m asleep by about half-way through. Maybe it’s the British accents that lull me to sleep. Ok, think I’ll try that. I need to sleep.