Mood: Ehh…that’s about the best descriptor I can come up with

Currently listening to: Endlessly by Muse

Ok, yes, I know. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record…no not the POV issue again…not that record, the other one. I’m doing another word war. I know,  I swore I gave them up. Yeah, well, I never promised (at least I don’t think I did).

Anyways, what makes this one different? I am only doing it with me, myself, and I. No competition. Just 30,000 words in 30-days. Typing THE END at the end of it would be nice, and possibly doable, but I’m not holding myself to that. Small goals. Even if I did somehow find myself at the end, I know there is plenty of other stuff I could play with within this draft before I move onto to the next draft.

So, I promise to be good. 1,000 words a day. Completely doable. I’ll be keeping tabs on myself in the new box to the right…right there at the top.

Off to be good. But if I fail miserably, don’t hold it against me.