Mood: Perplexed

Currently listening to: Glósóli by Sigur Rós

I’m sitting here trying to be good. I have the WIP open on the screen and I’m staring at the last line I wrote a couple of days ago, and I’m fighting the urge to go back and start at the beginning in 1st person POV. I know I’m doing this because I’m not so sure where to go next, but at the same time, I have been getting little flashes of brilliance (if I do say so myself, & yes, I know I’m the only one who would say it) that are coming to me in 1st person. A lot of it is setting and atmosphere stuff which is the filler I’ve been missing in this current 3rd person draft and which I’d struggled with in earlier attempts at 1st person for this story. Somehow, it’s starting to gel in my head in 1st, which is a good thing, of course, but also a very very very bad thing. I need to get this current draft done. If I go back to the beginning and restart in 1st now, I fear that I will never get this done and I’ll wind up right back at this scene not knowing where to go. It’s better if I finish the story now and then go back and deal with POV issues. I need to know how I get to the ending. I know some of the plot points/scenes likely will have to change with the POV change in the next draft, but if I get to the end now and then go back to redo the POV at least I’ll know where I’m going and I’ll have dealt with the not knowing (and the hours/days I waste trying to figure it all out).

…crapity crapity crapity…

I could split the difference: switch to 1st from where I am in 3rd and move ahead that way. At least I wouldn’t have any excuses. Maybe I should just move forward in whatever POV moves me. Yes, that would probably be the logical thing, but part of me fears that it may make things more difficult. I don’t know why precisely. It’s just another one of my irrational fears. But I guess if it works, go with it…right? Right. I haven’t got a better suggestion. And since this is just me, myself, and I doing this, I guess I’ll have to take my own advice.

Ok. Well, let’s see where this goes. I just want to try and get a couple thousand words in this afternoon. Off to write….

…oh, before I go. I finally finished A Farewell to Arms last night. I really liked it. Not so much for the recounting of WWI, but more for his writing style. So, yes, I accept that I’m a fool for never having read Hemingway before. I will soon be picking up more of his work.