Make Music PasadenaDecided to pursue one of my non-writing pastimes today–a little live music. Today was the first Make Music Pasadena festival. MMP is based on the annual French music festival, Fête de la Musique, which I attended several years ago in Paris. This was the first year for Pasadena. I must say, I was rather impressed that the hometown managed to draw some good acts.

I didn’t stay too long, but did enjoy a little Autolux and Raveonettes. The 100+ degree heat was a little unbearable. Admittedly, I’ve braved 3-days in the desert in similar weather conditions for Coachella, but this was a little rougher for some reason. Maybe I wasn’t mentally prepared, or maybe it was the asphalt which just seemed to soak up the sun and bake my shoes. Still, Autolux was good, despite some audio issues. Saw them last fall at the Detour Festival and have to say they were much better this time around. At least I thought so. Had never seen The Raveonettes before. Missed them at Detour. I liked. Apparently, the lead singer was a replacement since the usual one is pregnant; so, am wondering how my like will translate to their album. But still, am checking it out.

Hope this becomes an annual event. Curious to see where this could go.

Must add: I actually took the bus to get there. Admittedly, I don’t live that far from where this all went down. But still. I will take the Metro in LA, but have not taken the bus here in over 15-years. (But in my defense, I lived on the East Coast & Europe for 10-years and never drove once while there–metro & buses all those years.) Decided to be environmentally friendly, plus, wasn’t sure about the parking or traffic situation. All in all, not bad. Might be willing to take the bus from now on when I want to go to Old Town.