Mood: Accepting

Currently Listening to: Reckoner by Radiohead

Honestly, not really traumatized by the whole thing. I can accept it. Admittedly there’s much I haven’t done that I still want to get done. And the major thing I’d hoped to have done by this birthday, my novel (at least a good working draft). So, the new goal, everything will be complete and sent out to publishers (whether they like it or not) by this time next year.

I figure my friends are producing kids in their 30s, I can produce a novel. It’s the closest I want to come to a baby at this stage of my life.

So, the countdown begins…364 days from today…actually first draft by June 21 (20 short days away) and edited draft by Sept. 1. That leaves a good 200+ days to get it out and about.

Hold me to it!