Mood: Worried (…have a sick dog**)

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So, I can’t even keep up with my blogging. But I guess it’s better that I’m behind in both rather than caught up here b/c then I’d have to address the fact that my priorities are screwed.

Alas, I am behind. Today is the half way mark of my 100-pages in 30-days insanity, and I’m currently at…30-pages. So, I have 15 days to do 70-pages…yeah, um, bloody fark*!

On the upside, the class is helping me see/explore/understand how I might go about writing this little thing in 1st POV. YES! I’m back on the 1st POV thing again. I know, I said I’d committed to 3rd, and I have for the draft I’m currently working on. But, my gut is telling me: this is a story that needs to be done in 1st. And 3rd just feels too much like I’m telling a story and not in the story. I want to be in the story. So, the plan is to finish this draft in 3rd and get to the end, figure the damn end out! And then, go back and in draft 2, do it from first. And then MAYBE by the 3rd draft I’ll be able to tell which is really better and suits the story.

* Fark is my new favorite word. Just heard it tonight and it’s kind of stuck. Plus it sounds good with bloody, my other favorite word.

** My dog is ill. Not sure what’s going on; he may have eaten something he shouldn’t have. Vet is perplexed. Just trying to get through the night to see if he stops vomiting and can keep some food & water down in the AM. He’s currently passed out next to me, exhausted from all the evening’s drama. Thus, I did not get to go to my specially scheduled write-out, nor did I get in my 3-pages today to keep from getting more behind. But alas, the pup comes first.