Mood: Sleepy

Currently Listening to: Dante’s Prayer by Loreena McKennitt

Well, didn’t get to writing till past 11 tonight. So, eked out about 2 pages. So, am about 1/3-page short of the 9 I should be at. At least I’m not behind the 2 pages I could have been. Seriously, the only reason I decided to write for at least an hour tonight/finish the scene I was on, was because I am terribly afraid of getting behind. Three, single-spaced pages are grueling. The thought of having to do the 3-pages I need to do for a day, plus whatever I didn’t do the day before, sounds completely torturous. Thus, my new (and so far, very effective) motivator is FEAR.

In a related development, my SF/writing group buddy and I have decided that in addition to 100, single-spaced pages by the end of the month, the goal is to be able to type “THE END” at the end of the month. Yes, I just might have crossed the line past delusional and into insanity. But then again, it could happen. Again, FEAR will get me there.

Ok, need sleep. Another 3-pages tomorrow, plus the 1/3 I didn’t finish today. My goal this weekend is to somehow get ahead. Three-pages would be good, but I’d settle for a page or 2. Anything. Just some wiggle room for the week to come. Must find a suitable place to hide….(that’s goal #2 for this weekend).

Ah, crappy hell!! Still need to do my writing assignment for my class. It’s due in exactly 23-1/2 hours. I’m actually find the irony in the fact that the class I’m taking on writing a novel is actually getting in the way of me writing my novel somewhat amusing. Of course, I am slightly slap-happy at this point and in real need of sleep. I’m off.