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Must say I’ve been quite productive. Have continued with character sketches. They’ve proven to be really productive and enlightening. I’d struggled to them when I first started working on this project. I was talking to a member of my writing group on Saturday about how much easier it was to do them now that I’ve worked on this project for awhile now and essentially made it halfway through the story. We agreed that they can be easier to do once you have a better handle on who your characters are given the story they are going to be playing out and once you know what you really need for that story.

So, have been spending a day on each character–answering the character questionaire and then doing a mini-short story on each of them (just focusing on one incident) to just get a feel for each of them and how they act in different situations. These have proven to be really helpful. They’ve taken twists & turns I didn’t envision when I started, and some of it is definitely relevant to the story I’m working on and may even end up in it.

I’ve almost wrapped up all the major characters–almost done with the last one. Then need to work on the two minor characters. Another good thing about this whole exercise has been coming up with questions that I didn’t realize I needed to answer about my story. Once I finish these character sketches, I’m going to go back and work on answering those questions. The goal is to have all this background stuff completed by March 31–a week from today. The next day (April 1), Script Frenzy starts, or my writing group’s version of SF/Nanowrimo. And the day after that I start an online class called “Novel 1.” The course is focused on writing the first novel, specifically getting started. The goal is to complete the first chapter by the end of the class. Clearly, I plan on being well beyond that, but I figure it should be good to keep me on track and help me clean up my first couple of chapters as I move forward, so that on rewrite the first part should be pretty clean. At least that’s the plan. We’ll see.

So, much to do and, at the moment, feeling good about it all. Yikes.