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So, one of my writing group members has decided that we all need a little structure/accountability/kick in the ass. Essentially, she proposed that we submit our daily word counts to each other nightly, and whoever slacked off during the week brings snacks to our Saturday write-in. Definitely a good idea. God knows I could use some accountability, and a little shaming/competition never hurt either. So, I’ve agreed to submit my word counts daily to the group. Which of course means that I actually have to write something to have something to submit–tricky that!

Also, our newly dubbed Taskmaster suggested that we all sign up for Script Frenzy (the script writers version of Nanowrimo–National Novel Writing Month) as a way to keep ourselves motivated. No, I won’t be writing a screenplay–at least not this year (although, the idea has crossed my mind of either eventually adapting this work in progress or another idea that I’ve had). Instead, we would just use SF as a motivational tool. In lieu of the 100 pages of a script, we’ve agreed to a 100 pages of our novels. Essentially, we’ve agreed to about 1500 words a day (NaNo is usually 1600+ per day). Luckily, I don’t think I have much going on in April, so I should be able to do it with minimal pain. I’ve managed to meet NaNo’s 50K word counts for the last three years. Given that I’m horribly competitive, I’m thinking this is perfect for me.

Well, am still working on those character profiles I started working on the other day. Do need to actually do some words on the novel so I have something to submit later tonight to the group. Must get on that.