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Ok, a mini-milestone, but a milestone nonetheless. I’ve made it past the beginning scenes and now have the two main characters in the same room. The beginning chapters set up their first meeting. So so so happy to be where I am now.

Got together with my weekly writing group this morning. We meet every Saturday for 3 hours. The goal is to write, but more often then not the last couple of months we’ve gotten little actual writing done. Sometimes we get completely off topic and there’s little talk about writing. But, most of the time we talk about the issues we’re having with our novels, like the plot points/characters were having issues with. They were definitely helpful when I talked out my dilemma over 3rd vs. 1st POV. Today we were actually very focused and got some good writing in…enough to get me to where I am now.

I’ve also accepted that there is no way I’m meeting my April 1 first draft deadline. So, shooting for May 1. Just as long as I have a first draft done well before my birthday (June 1), I’ll be happy.