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Here’s the plan: I’m going to blog while I write my first novel. It’s already a work in progress. Actually, it’s been a WIP for some time now. But I’ve finally come to the point where I want to get it done. My procrastination is finally annoying the fuck out of me. I want to finally get it all out and have something to do something with…whether that be publishing it or just using it as a doorstop. So, here I go.

The goal: A 1st draft by April 5 (yes, totally unrealistic given my current dismal word count, but I told my writing group a month ago that I would have it then and I hate to lose even if this isn’t a competition.) and a edited draft by June 1 (my 33rd birthday…yes, I’m feeling the need to have something to show to justify my existence and my decision to focus on writing instead of other professional pursuits.).